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May 16, 2019 Most borrowers are often unaware of the number of types of non-bank loans currently available and how they are characterized. Why is this happening? This is due to the fact that they most often decide on payday loans or installment loans and do not pay attention to other forms of financial liabilities that are available on the loan market. This is a big mistake! In the article below we have described all non-bank loans and pointed out the offers that are worth using. Who provides cheap non-bank loans?

Online loans that are tailored to even the most demanding customers. However, it turns out that there are so many that most consumers have no idea what the differences between individual financial obligations offered by lenders differ. For this reason, we have prepared a detailed description of all non-bank loans and a list of the best offers!

Our comparison helps you quickly choose a cheap non-bank loan. Check what types of non-bank loans are available, what amounts can go to your account and how long the loan period is.

Thanks to the information we have gathered in one article, choosing the right non-bank loan will be much easier. Familiarize yourself with the offers and find a loan that suits your needs!

Non-bank loan – what is it?

Non-bank loan - what is it?

Non-bank loans are most often associated with offers that are offered by various loan companies through online, television or radio advertising. The loan is granted on the basis of a contract between the borrower (natural person) and the lender (financial institution). It is also worth to read the provisions regarding this document found in art. 720§1 of the Civil Code.

§ 1. By the loan agreement, the lender undertakes to transfer to the person taking the property a certain amount of money or items marked only as to the species, and the recipient undertakes to return the same amount of money or the same amount of items of the same grade and quality.

§ 2. The loan agreement, the value of which exceeds one thousand zlotys, requires keeping a document form.

Payday loan is undoubtedly the most popular product on the loan market. Most lenders offer their clients the option of taking a short-term loan for a small sum of money with a repayment period of up to 30 days. At this point, however, it should be emphasized that this is not the rule. Some loan companies offer this form of financial liability in the amount of up to PLN 7,500 for a much longer loan period of up to 60 or 90 days.

It’s good to know that most lenders also offer free loans that don’t include additional costs. In this case, the borrower returns only the borrowed amount of money.

Mini payday loans, i.e. quick online loans whose amounts do not exceed PLN 1,000.

Mini payday loans, i.e. quick online loans whose amounts do not exceed PLN 1,000.

Obtaining such a commitment is possible even with poor creditworthiness, which is a good example of payday loans without BIK.Installment loans are an ideal solution for everyone who needs a larger injection of cash amounting to tens of thousands of zlotys. Consumers can apply for a maximum installment loan of up to PLN 255 550! The credit period of such a financial product may last up to 48 months.

Can a non-bank installment loan be compared to a cash loan? Yes, but only in terms of the amount and repayment date, in the case of the application process, these financial products differ significantly. A long-term non-bank loan can be obtained without meeting restrictive requirements, completing a large number of complex formalities or specifying the purpose of borrowed money. In addition, some installment lenders do not check consumer credit history.

Loans for companies are becoming increasingly popular among entrepreneurs who are struggling with a financial disadvantage. This is not surprising, because currently lenders offer interesting offers of non-bank loans with high amounts and a long loan period. In addition, obtaining this type of liability usually does not involve the presentation of income certificates and verification of creditworthiness.

It is worth noting that lenders distinguish two types of loans for companies: investment, which allow to implement planned investments and improve the functioning of the company, and revolving, enabling patching holes in the company budget and financing current expenses.

loans for those in debt involve small amounts and a fairly short repayment period. By obtaining this form of commitment, consumers have the opportunity to get rid of uncomfortable debts to various financial institutions that have not been settled within the set deadlines.

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