Can seniors claim a redemption of credits?

More and more French retirees are facing financial difficulties due to the decline in their purchasing power. And for reasons, most pension funds are in deficit hence the lack of revaluation of pensions paid for several years. In addition, in 2018 the government has chosen to increase the tax burden on pensioners’ budgets. Retirement pensions are now subject to social security contributions. In this context, many French seniors have to call on reorganization organizations to remedy their debt problems.

Seniors who live longer with more projects

Seniors who live longer with more projects

Advances in contemporary medicine have greatly increased the life expectancy of seniors. They live longer and longer in better physical conditions than before. As a result, They offers offered by banks specializing in the redemption of loans have adapted to these major demographic changes. They offer tailor-made offers for over 65s.

And this in contrast to retail banks for which amortization should not exceed the age of 80 years. The credit buyback market is therefore open to all households within the limits of their financial repayment capacity. Retirees also have their own minds (car purchase, work, holidays). The restructuring of credits gives the possibility to clean up the budget for more flexibility while benefiting from a personalized cash envelope.

An innovative credit offer offered by a subsidiary Group

An innovative credit offer offered by a subsidiary Group

Retired households with a debt load are struggling to make ends meet. Loan consolidation then remains a suitable solution that can save the Mirandas from a home. In recent years, some credit redemption organizations have proposals tailored to seniors. Age is no longer an obstacle for pensioners who want to be released by the restructuring of their debts.

Since the end of 2017, the CFCAL has been selling a loan buyback formula that can be extended up to 95 years for borrowers. For this, the creditor will have to take a real guarantee to cover the risk of non-recovery. It is very often the principal residence, in the case where the debtors are owners, which is taken as pledge. It is therefore essential that the value of the property represents more than 120% of the expected loan. Thanks to this revolutionary installation in the world of credit, your credit transfer broker broadens its range of solutions for individuals.

In short, the situation of some pensioners in France continues to deteriorate given the stagnation or even the decline in their income. Yet the opportunities available to them for Mirandar their projects have never been so numerous. It is therefore still time to launch a loan consolidation process when you are over 65 years old. However to better secure this business, it should be ensured to ensure the repayment of the loan in case of unforeseen circumstances. For this, insurance companies offer specific contracts to the needs of seniors.

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