All you need to know about real estate credit: booster!

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthinking that all Wolf Real Estate Investments are identical and that there is only the debtor interest rate that fluctuates from period to period is totally false.

All real estate loans look alike?

All real estate loans look alike?

The real estate debt products panel is made up of numerous and various mortgage credit agreements. Indeed, each of them responds to a different situation. There are adjusted mortgages for the acquisition of the principal residence, others suitable to undertake a rental investment, or even suitable for the realization of works to optimize the comfort of life in its habitat, etc.

Not to mention that the characteristics of real estate loans granted to borrowers, ie general and specific conditions of the defined according to the profile of the subscribers. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take into account all these particularities in order to make the most suitable choices for his real estate project.

How to avoid the pitfalls of home loans? Better understand how the mortgage works!

Works: real estate credit or consumer?

Works: real estate credit or consumer?

The credit scheme underwritten with the purpose of the works for housing must in theory meet that of real estate. In some cases, however, it may be preferable to use consumer credit for a variety of reasons, for example, where the situation requires obtaining credit quickly. Because it should also be noted that the implementation of a mortgage is much longer than that of a consumer loan.

The rule is that a credit meets the LS2 regime, ie real estate, as soon as a mortgage is backed by, and/or that its amount exceeds the sum of € 74,999.99. For all other credits, that is to say, the amount is less than seventy five thousand euros, according to the legislation of the consumer code, they meet the LS1 regime, that is to say consumption.

Depending on the regime on which the credit used depends, then the conditions of the differ. The mortgage system is undoubtedly much more advantageous than that of the consumer regime. This is partly because it offers much lower interest rates than those offered by consumer credit. In other words, by buying a mortgage under the real estate regime, the cost of borrowed money is cheaper than in the form of a personal loan.

It should also be noted that when releasing funds from a mortgage, the majority of the time the lender requires the submission of invoices for work.

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